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What flippers is doing-

Flippers is following guidelines provided by the CDC and Florida Department of Health 
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations for customers and employee use

  • Increase cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces (i.e. tables, chairs, hand railings, arcade games, etc.) 

  • Limit Customer Capacity in Arcade and and Dining Area by at least 50% to allow for social distancing.

  • Walk-In Parties temporarily prohibited.

  • Limiting Group sizes to 10 people or less.

  • All staff will wear personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves and adhere to social distancing guildelines. 

  • All staff will be screened and temperature check prior to beginning their shift.

  • Dine-in tables at least 6ft apart for social distancing

  • Physcial barriers have been installed at all person to person sale areas

Cinema Re-Opening.

  •       Seating Capacity of each Auditorium will be reduced by at least 60% per show and/or capped at a Maximum of (40) Guests.
  •       Seating arrangement of Customers will be configured to maximize social distancing.
  •       Customers who are not related or who are not otherwise known to one another will not be allowed to sit side-by-side.
  •       An Employee will be present each time an Auditorium begins seating Customers. The Employee will ensure that social distancing requirments are met and will assist the Customer with any other issues.  
  •       Full length, cleanable, solid Physical Barriers have been specifically designed, manufactured and installed at each seating location. These Physical Barriers are designed to isolate Customers from one another while seated and will provide all the same benefits as all other physical barriers installed throughout the facility.
  •       Safety & Seating Policy Signage will be mounted outside of each Auditorium entrance. (See: Theater Auditorium Policy Signage). 
  •       Movie Show Start Times will be offset to prevent large crowds from gathering in front of theater access point and to reduce line size at Ticket Sales Counter and Concession Counter.
  •       The scheduled time between when a specific Movie Title ends and re-starts in each Auditorium will be extended to allow Employees to thoroughly clean/disinfect each and every seat and armrest and all other high-touch surfaces, including but not limited to, door handles and hand railings.
  •       Trash Receptacles placed at/in each Auditorium will be emptied in between each show start/end time.
  •       Each Auditorium is cooled with its own unique and separate Air Conditioning System. Returns and Vents have been cleaned to allow for maximum Air Flow and Filtering.
  •       Replacement schedule of all HVAC Filters will be increased and only High Quality filters will be used.
  •       Before the theater operations begin each day, each Auditorium will be disinfected with a commercial fogger containing a chemical known to kill Coronavirus  as well as several other infectious diseases. After each Auditorium is “fogged”, each Auditorium will be allowed to sit unoccupied for the recommended time to maximize the disinfectants effectiveness.  


what you can do -

  • Social Distancing - Stand 6ft apart whenever possible

  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds

  • Use hand sanitizer between handwashing

  • Avoid touching your face

  • All customers are required to wear a face mask prior to walking into Flippers

    • If a customer cannot wear a mask or chooses to not wear a mask for whatever reason, for your own safety, Flippers asks that you come to visit us when masks are no longer required by the CDC or Florida Department of Health. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    • If you forgot your face mask at home, Flippers has available one-time use face masks for purchase at our cost if necessary. (Limit (1) per guest)

  • The health and safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We’re asking customers who do not feel well, have symptoms or fever to go back home seek medical attention. We ask that you come back when you're feeling better. Get well soon.
  • Stay Together - We are temporarily asking that Parents stay with their children (minors under 17) at all times. Unattended children will be asked to contact Parents and arrange to be picked-up immediately.

PHASE 2: Theater Auditorium Policy Signage


Phase 1: General Facility Policy Signage

Phase 1: General Facility Policy Signage