Top 9 Reasons Why Watch Movies in Theaters


Going to the movie theater can be a fun experience, especially if you go with friends or significant others. A trip to the movie theater is an affordable way to relax and enjoy yourself after a long week at work or school. However, going to the movie theater isn’t for everyone. Some people may not like going out in public, others may find it too expensive, and some may not like watching movies from start to finish on a big screen. Going to the movie theater can be challenging for some people. It’s not easy for those who are shy, don’t like being in crowded areas or feel uncomfortable talking during the entire movie.

However, there are many great reasons why you should go to the movie theater – here are top nine:


Going to the movie theater can be a lot of fun

Going to the movie theater is a great way to enjoy yourself and have fun with a friend or significant other. You can enjoy the experience together and talk about the movie as you watch. Going to the movie theater is an economical way to have fun. You can save money by bringing your own snacks or drinks from home. There are many different types of movies you can go see at the theater. From action films to animated films to dramas, there’s something for everyone. You can go see a new movie as it premieres in the theater or re-watch an old classic on the big screen. You can also host a themed movie night at the theater. You and your friends can choose a specific movie, dress up and have a fun themed night out.


It’s affordable

Going to the movie theater is affordable (we have special prices) You can purchase snacks and drinks at the concession stand for as little as $4. If you have a student ID, senior citizen card or military ID, you can receive discounted ticket prices. Many movie theaters offer discounts on tickets if you purchase them online. You can search for theater deals on Groupon, Living Social or other deal sites. You can also look at their websites if they have something available (we, at Flippers, usually do). If you’re a parent, you can buy discounted tickets for children at select movie theaters.


You can see the latest movies in a Big Screen and in HD

Many movie theaters show movies in digital high definition (HD). You can enjoy a crisp, clear picture with vibrant colors and surrounding sound.

Scale has a special power to carry you away. When you're sitting on your couch at home, you don't feel as drawn in by the sound and color on a big screen.

You can watch Star Wars on your laptop, phone or TV but witnessing something cinematic magnified for visual pleasure is still a singular, worthwhile experience.



Another benefit from cinema theaters is that no matter the emotion the movie is causing you, you don’t have the option to pause, skip or rewind later.  This means you must be focused or look away (in tense moments).

There are many distracting elements at home: phones, computers, pets, and the temptation to get up and check the fridge every 20 minutes, as well as your roommates or family members who speak to you aloud.

In the movie theater, all you have is your chair, the snacks or food you bought, and the movie you're there to watch.


You can enjoy your favorite food from movie theater chains

Some movie theaters offer their patrons various types of food and beverages. You can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks at the theater. You can order your food and drinks during the movie. You can enjoy fresh and delicious popcorn, candy, cookies, and drinks such as water, soda or other beverages.

If you want to visit us, you can also check our Concession Menu to see in advance what we have to offer.



It’s an easy way to socialize and meet new people

Going to the movie theater is a great way to meet new people. You can sit near other people in the theater, and become friends with others. If you’re shy or don’t know many people, going to the movie theater is a great way to make new friends.

You can also take part in online movie discussions and forums. You can join online communities where you can meet and interact with people who share your interests and arrange with them to go to the theater together. You can also visit a public theater and sit near people who are by themselves. You can sit next to them, introduce yourself and start a conversation. You can also go to a movie with a friend or loved one.


It’s a great way to experience the thrill of watching a movie with hundreds of other people at the same time

You can enjoy the excitement of watching a movie with hundreds of people. You can feel the excitement of the crowd as they cheer on their team or gasp during a scary scene. You can make new friends and bond with your peers while watching the movie. A group of people laughing simultaneously will make you want to laugh as well or during a tense situation in a thriller or a horror movie, you can feel a large number of strangers holding their breath together.



Whether it’s your local cinema, your favorite director or film.  It’s not a secret that movies are rated and valued with their performance in the theater, besides, as mentioned above, it’s a great full experience.

You can take advantage and go to “first-run” movie theaters (like us) and watch that movie you want on the day they’re released.  This way, you will have a much better experience, and a spoiler-free journey than those who wait longer, since the latest movies take a lot of time to be on streaming services or TV.


It’s a great way to bond and have fun together

Going to the movie theater is a great way to bond and have fun with your children. You can take your children to the movies, share popcorn and drinks and discuss the movie together. You can talk about the movie and ask questions. You can also talk about other kids’ movies you’ve seen and ones you want to see.

If you happen to stop by our theater, we have Arcade games to spend a nice time with your children too.



In Conclusion

Going to the movie theater can be a lot of fun. You can enjoy the experience with friends, meet new people, save money and see the latest movies in HD. It’s an affordable way to relax after a long week at work or school.

At Flippers, we want you to have a space to create memories, no matter who you come with, you will have a pleasant visit.  Not only will you have 9 screens for you to enjoy the movies that are on, there’s also an Arcade area with plenty of games to play and have fun with your friends and/or beloved ones, and of course, whether you are playing or going to enjoy a movie, you can combine with our delicious food from our concession, making it THE perfect plan.

Now, all you have to do is figure out what movie to see first!

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