Flippers Cinema and Arcade’s Theater 10+ is your ultimate destination for more than just movies. It’s your canvas to create unforgettable moments. 

Imagine this: Your kid’s birthday bash, a grown-up get-together, a long-awaited reunion, a thrilling watch party, or a productive corporate event – it’s all about YOU

Don’t wait! Be the director of your next big event.  Book Theater 10+, your event, your way!

Memorable Moments: Theater 10+ Birthday Parties at Flippers Cinema

Why settle for an ordinary birthday when you can host an extraordinary bash at Theater 10+ in Flippers Cinema? Sing ‘Happy Birthday,’ watch your favorite movie, and create lasting memories, all in one fantastic space. With room for up to 50 guests, you’ll be the star of the show.

But that’s not all! Enjoy our delectable food options, savor concession favorites, and have a blast in our arcade. It’s your party, your way. Let us help you create a birthday celebration that’s truly unforgettable.

Rent Theater 10+ for Exclusive Movie Nights

Elevate your movie experience with Theater 10+! Our private theater room seats up to 50 guests.  Create unforgettable memories with exclusive screenings of upcoming movies.

Restrictions May Apply. Not Every Day is Subject to Availability. 

Unlock Theater 10+ for Your Exclusive Content

Imagine hosting watch parties for your favorite shows, live sports events, or streaming content from your preferred providers. At Theater 10+, you’re in control. Learn more about this exciting opportunity!

Restrictions May Apply. Not Every Day is Subject to Availability. 

Elevate your movie experience with Theater 10+

Host your corporate events, seminars, and meetings at Theater 10+ for an unforgettable experience. Showcase your presentations on the big screen and make a lasting impact. Learn more now!

Restrictions May Apply. Only available Mon-Thurs, 12pm-5pm


We do not allow outside food or drinks. The only item(s) we allow is a Birthday Cake or Cupcakes.

Two things will happen, you’ll receive an email of your party invoice. In 24 hours you will get a phone call from a Flippers represenetive who will recap the event booking with you and answer any questions or concerns you might have.

A Theater 10 Attendant will be available to provide tables and chairs for your event, assist with playing your content, and start the movie for you. They will also ensure that only party guests enter Theater 10 during your event.

The Birthday Party Host is your dedicated coordinator for the party. They will handle bringing in the food, assist with setup, and ensure the smooth running of your party. The host will also contribute to decorating the space and assist in gathering your belongings when it’s time to exit the Theater.

Not all items found on the Theater 10+ menu is available to Walk-In parties or for other events/groups. This includes but not is limited to soda pitchers or Game card specials. See our menu for prices.

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