‘Beast’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

Beast movie is about survival, but the main issue is they’re fighting a very smart lion, a calculating lion which won’t rest until it gets its prey.  Let’s see today’s review from Edgar and Bert.

This film follows Dr. Nate Samuels (played by actor Idris Elba) who takes his daughters Meredith and Nora (played by actors Ayanna Halley and Leia Sava Jeffries) on a trip to South Africa after their mother’s death.

They meet up with longtime family friend Martin Battles played by actor (Sharlto Copley) who manages a wild game reserve and rehabilitates animals living near the village.

Dr. Nate’s late wife grew up introducing them to the area and what should have been a vacation of healing ended up turning into a vicious nightmare as they encounter a smart Beast with a vendetta against humans.
Nate must find a way to keep his daughter safe while trying to stay alive himself and outsmart this killer lion.

The director Baltasar Kormákur captures the ruggedness of nature and unpredictability of nature’s behavior.

Beast is a unique take on the isolated Man vs nature genre.
Idris mentions in one of the interviews that if you haven’t been to Africa this is a great film for you to see because you’ll see how people like to call it god’s country and you’ll see why.

Remember this film is rated R for Gore intense scenes and violence so keep that in mind when going to watch this film.

Want to know Edgar and Bert’s POV Rate on this film?  Then watch the whole episode:

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