‘The Invitation’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

In this new film review, Edgar and Bert analyzed (spoiler FREEThe Invitation, a thriller with a very interesting twist.  What happens when you try to find out who your relatives are?

This movie follows Eve, a recently orphaned girl (played by actress Nathalie Emmanuel) who after her mother dies goes in search of relatives through a DNA test and comes across a mysterious unknown part of the family after meeting with this cousin she never knew about.

She’s invited to go to a wedding abroad to meet this unknown family who is seemingly privileged on arrival to the large castle-like mansion.  She is welcomed by the lord of the property who is also a friend of this part of the family.

She starts noticing strange things that first night that didn’t seem right and quickly things seem off until it’s too late and now knows the horrific truth of the family’s intentions.

The variety of actors in this movie include a mix of new and less known actors and actresses like Thomas Doherty, Alana Boden, Courtney Taylor, Hugh Skinner and Sean Pertwee to name a few.

The director Jessica M. Thompson wanted to deliver a leading, real and authentic relationship, which is something characteristic of horror films and the chemistry between Thomas and Nathalie on the set transmitted that.

Want to know which score Edgar and Bert gave to this movie? Give us yours too!  Watch the full episode:

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