In 2002 Movies met Arcade and that's when Flippers Cinema & Arcade was born.

What is Flippers?

The name Flippers is from the flippers on the Pinball machines that were very popular at the time. Flippers Arcade opened back in 1984, in Kendall, FL, we were the “Video Game Center” when arcades were up and coming.

At our original location we were successful next to a movie theater so when we were searching for a new location we knew that a Movie Theater and an Arcade all under one roof had to be the way that Flippers would evolve.

We were right.

In 2002, we found an independent theater in Hollywood, Florida, we merged and opened Flippers Cinema and Arcade. A place where memories can be made with family and friends. A place where you can watch the newest movies, play arcade games, eat delicious food and come together any day of the week.

In the 20 years we have watched customers go from being kids to becoming parents and bringing their kids to Flippers. It’s a part of their childhood. It’s a part of the community. It’s a place to make memories with your family and your friends.

What will the future have for our customers?

You never know. Flippers is constantly trying to improve. We want to be the best we can be.

We hope that you come by with your family and friends and make memories at Flippers Cinema and Arcade.


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