‘Easter Sunday’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

Easter Sunday follows Jo Koy, a stand-up comedian down on his luck trying to juggle career and family.  Joe has his mind set to build a career as an aspiring actor but has to land a role on a tv show pilot so, prioritizing his career has left him absent from important family time.

Then on this Easter Sunday he has to commit to spending time with his son (played by comedian Brandon Wardwell) by taking a road trip to his family’s easter dinner parties. Joe asked to try helping his family get along with each other and settle the sibling rivalry between his mom and his aunt.

As the career opportunity appears he runs into some tricky situations having to deal with a bad investment made with his cousin Eugene (played by comedian Eugene Cordero) and the problem that follows this movie carries a lot of family focused comedy with relatable situations and wholesome family values there’s a great cast of good actors such as Lou Diamond Phillips, Elena Juatco, Tia Carrere, to name a few.

No one celebrates Easter like filipinos.  It’s like the Filipino superbowl.

Jo Koy says on an interview: “my whole goal is to have my mom’s voice to be heard and you’re gonna relate because there’s no difference from my mom and your mom it’s just my mom has an accent”
The comedian and actor wanted this film to make everybody not only laugh, but to relate to it, since he says the rest of the families are not that much different from his Filipino family.

If you want to see what score Edgar and Bert gave to this movie, watch the whole episode and let us know in the comments which score you would give this movie (if you already saw it) or if you haven’t seen it yet, then see it and come back to tell us your opinion.

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