‘Bullet Train’ Movie Review

Picture a Bullet Train full with bloody assassins, Brad Pitt as the main star given the objective of finding and retrieving a briefcase headed to Kyoto on it. Here’s Edgar and Bert’s review on this movie!

Ladybug (Brad Pitt’s nickname), on his way to Japan, he finds that this is no ordinary snatch and grab and his odd luck lands him in a situation that escalates with many mercenaries who all have stakes in what was supposed to be an easy job for his first job back and all of that leading up to a great plot twist with this film mainly taking place on a bullet train.

The director packed this movie with great scenes and made it fun and entertaining.
Director David Leitch having previously directed movies such as Deadpool 2, John Wick’s movies, he really packed a lot into this film including a lot of great actors.

The stunts were very special, and a lot of attention was paid to them in part because David Leitch started off his career as a stuntman. He wasn’t just anyone’s stunt man though. He doubled for Brad Pitt in some of his most famous movies!

Most of the film takes place inside a bullet train, but it’s pretty amazing all of that was created in studio, on a platform, screens and sound.  It looks like it was developed in Japan, but they actually brought Japan to the set. Never got out of the country.

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