‘Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank’ Movie Review

In this trailer Hank goes in search of a great samurai cat who once defended him as a pup and sets out on a journey to become a samurai cat himself and in the process is thrown into saving a small village (full of cats) with no experience and has to learn the ways of a samurai to defeat bandits set by the evil ruler of the nearby town.

Hank believes he can become the greatest samurai with the help of Jimbo (played by the great Samuel L. Jackson) but it turns out things are not as easy as he thought.  Both have to overcome their own issues to save the village from destruction.

Hank is a timid small dog but he dreams big and doesn’t let the fact that he’s small get in the way of his dreams while Jimbo is a once great samurai who has to overcome his past and dislikes dogs and to teach his first new pupil who happens to be a dog.

This movie has a lot of slapstick comedy and humor for both kids and adults to enjoy and along with quick fun action and funny training scenarios.

The great cast really brought out the enjoyment and humor throughout the movie and the plot really resembles a lot of the student and teacher movies and had the feeling of a Kung fu Panda-like movie

Would Edgar and Bert watch the movie again? What about the reference to other movies? See the whole review to see what they found:

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