‘NOPE’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

NOPE is a very interesting movie.  It follows a brother and sister OJ and Emerald who come from a line of horse trainers trying to keep their Hollywood family legacy alive, but after their father’s odd death, OJ witnesses something ominous in the clouds and starts finding strange activity on their land and skies above.

After both brother and sister witnessed the unexplained they decide to try and capture the most compelling footage of UFOs for fame with the help of security cameras. The optical engineer Angel and a Hollywood filmmaker try to make a plan to capture it all on film but it isn’t as easy as they thought.

The overall film of this movie is eerie and suspenseful but does try to squeeze in some comedic moments the cgi and visuals were done well and bring that extra feel of isolation and immersion of an old ghost town vibe.

The characters themselves have great chemistry and a good narrative. This movie does have some parts that have deeper meaning that could be harder to understand for some but with Jordan Peele’s movies they always have some sort of cryptic and deeper meaning to them.

Jordan Peel created NOPE as an invitation for people who don’t want to go see a horror movie because of its darkness. He said in an interview “I will bring you in.  You have a place in this genre”, and make the film develop itself in a different way but the closest you can feel to a UFO.

Edgar and Bert gave this film a power score divided into five categories.  See the full video review and let us know if you agree:

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