‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

If you are a Dragon Ball series fan, then this is a movie you must see.  But first check out this review Edgar and Bert did from a moviegoer perspective, just like you. We can’t believe Gohan did all of that (not a spoiler, see it for yourself) Dragon Ball Super Superhero follows Piccolo after the events of the last […]

‘Easter Sunday’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

Easter Sunday follows Jo Koy, a stand-up comedian down on his luck trying to juggle career and family.  Joe has his mind set to build a career as an aspiring actor but has to land a role on a tv show pilot so, prioritizing his career has left him absent from important family time. Then on […]

‘Bullet Train’ Movie Review

Picture a Bullet Train full with bloody assassins, Brad Pitt as the main star given the objective of finding and retrieving a briefcase headed to Kyoto on it. Here’s Edgar and Bert’s review on this movie! Ladybug (Brad Pitt’s nickname), on his way to Japan, he finds that this is no ordinary snatch and grab and his […]

‘Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank’ Movie Review

In this trailer Hank goes in search of a great samurai cat who once defended him as a pup and sets out on a journey to become a samurai cat himself and in the process is thrown into saving a small village (full of cats) with no experience and has to learn the ways of […]

‘NOPE’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

NOPE is a very interesting movie.  It follows a brother and sister OJ and Emerald who come from a line of horse trainers trying to keep their Hollywood family legacy alive, but after their father’s odd death, OJ witnesses something ominous in the clouds and starts finding strange activity on their land and skies above. After […]

‘DC League of Super Pets’ Spoiler Free Movie Review

This movie follows Krypto the Super dog (voice by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), Superman’s pet and best friend and four of his new shelter pet friends and their newly acquired powers after an incident at the pet shelter. The villain in this movie is a guinea pig called Lulu. Superman is then abducted by her and now Krypto’s mission is […]